Lynxs Holdings to Build Air Cargo Facility at Vienna International Airport

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) – Lynxs Holdings, LLC is the first third-party developer to build an air cargo/logistics facility at the Vienna International Airport (VIE) in Austria. The facility will be a Lynxs CargoPort™, an on-airport intermodal building that facilitates smooth transition from air transport to ground transport.

The facility will be located in the Cargo Nord area of VIE airport which is the same area where FedEx, UPS, Menlo, DHL and TNT are located and will be approximately 300 meters from the cargo aircraft parking ramp. The 15,000 square meter design will include plentiful truck docks, clear span construction and lots of parking and outside storage.

Lynxs Holdings Chairman, Ray Brimble states, “We’ll be working closely with Vienna International Airport to provide regional cargo transit solutions. We are excited about the prospect of expanding our European operations even further and we feel VIE is an excellent location to anchor the process.”

The project team includes Raymond Brimble, Vienna Project Manager Anton Bondi, and Lynxs European Director Anthony Jackson. Jackson notes, “This is certainly a new arrangement for Vienna, but we feel it will be very well received in this marketplace.

Private developments bring an added competitive dimension to any airport in Europe and we believe that Central European air cargo and logistics users will want our product as an addition to the public/private partnership being fostered at VIE these days.“

Bondi, the Viennese project manager adds, “Our designs will combine the best of both American and European features and will be built to the highest standards by an Austrian contractor under supervision of the Lynxs team.”

Lynxs Holdings, an international CargoPort™ developer is based in Austin, Texas. CargoPort projects include Houston Intercotinental Airport (IAH), Chicaco O’Hare (ORD) and the Alaska CargoPort at Anchorage (ANC) In addition, chairman Ray Brimble is also co-partnered in the March GlobalPort project which brought DHL to Riverside (RIV) airport as the DHL West Coast Hub. Lynxs is currently expanding throughout Europe and will be announcing other European projects in the near future.

Contact information:
Ray Brimble
Phone: 512.530.2536