Lynxs’ projects and operations are capital-intensive and spread across many geographies and countries. We therefore maintain close relationships with a range of equity investors and debt providers in the regions where we are active. If investing in Lynxs projects is of interest to you, we welcome the opportunity to learn more about your investment criteria.

Additionally, Lynxs actively seeks investment opportunities either as an active or a passive investor. While our development opportunities center on aviation, we have a much broader scope of interest for passive investment activities. Lynxs’ extensive friends, family, and institutional investor pool can quickly access capital for projects that might not otherwise receive the attention of large investment firms.

Over the years, Lynxs has developed several standard partnership structures. We have found that almost every project, geography, and investor has particular requirements that need to be addressed in the deal structure. When it comes to how transactions are structured, we are flexible and have significant experience in complex and sophisticated investment structures ranging from traditional partnerships and private-equity funds to joint ventures and public-private partnerships (PPPs).  Our experience enables us to bring together a variety of partners with varying interests and create an investment environment that is successful for all parties.

Active Investment Targets    

  • Airport Related
  • Real Estate Assets
  • Single Assets
  • Portfolios
  • PPPs
  • Joint Ventures
  • Sale-Leasebacks
  • Distressed Assets
  • Redevelopments

Passive Investment Interests

  • Technology
  • Social Impact Investments
  • Transportation
  • Cool Chain Technologies and Services