Founded in 1994 to develop and manage airport related properties domestically as well as internationally, our entrepreneurial origins remain at the core of our endeavors.

Lynxs has the expertise, resources, geographic reach, and access to capital sources to engage in aviation related infrastructure and real estate projects around the world. We offer customized development, investment, management, and for airports and financial investors and have experience in a wide range of asset classes including air cargo & logistics facilities, perishable & distribution centers, MRO facilities & hangars, low-cost carrier passenger terminals, temporary facilities, FBO facilities, airport hotels, and rental car & parking facilities, and facilities for all types of government agencies which need to be on airports. Please contact us with any questions.

Early Days

Founded by Ray Brimble, Lynxs began its operations in Austin, Texas, in 1994 with the pursuit of the competitive tender for the development of new air cargo facilities at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport – at the time the largest new commercial airport to be opened in the U.S. in decades. Lynxs, a local partnership of experienced Texas businesspersons, real estate developers, and private investors, won the Austin tender and went on to successfully develop and operate air cargo facilities across the U.S. Along the way, Lynxs refined the design and technical specifications of air cargo facilities to increase efficiency and improve airport and tenant operations. In addition, Lynxs became involved in increasingly more sophisticated transactions involving tax-exempt project finance structures and a variety of partnership and investment structures. Over time, Lynxs emerged as a leader in its sector with full-service capabilities and a rapidly growing portfolio.

GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS) Partnership

In late ’06, Lynxs formed a 50/50 joint venture partnership with GECAS, a wholly owned subsidiary of GE Capital and the world’s largest financier of aircraft and aviation-related assets with a portfolio exceeding $40 Capital and the world’s largest financier of aircraft and aviation-related assets with a portfolio exceeding $40 billion in aviation-related investments. In the GECAS partnership, GE was Lynxs’ exclusive capital partner and Lynxs provided the development and operational know-how that formed the cornerstone of GE Capital’s major strategic initiative into airport investment and development. The GECAS partnership transformed Lynxs into a major, institutional-grade global player through the adoption of GE best practices in the areas of operational excellence and risk management as well as significant investments in establishing world-class infrastructure with global capabilities. After a quick and successful start, which included more than $250 million in closed transactions, the financial-market turbulence of late ’08 forced GE to reduce and eventually abandon its ambitious investment targets.

In early ’09, Lynxs returned to private ownership through a friendly de-merger with GECAS. The strong and ongoing GECAS relationship remains today in the form of the property and asset management services Lynxs provides for GECAS’ investments in the air cargo sector.


Since 2009, Lynxs has diversified its holdings and development portfolio to include an MRO facility in Grand Junction and an US Coast Guard Facility in Corpus Christi. The diversification continued with the launch of AirLogistix USA, a perishable cargo center at Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH). The Airlogistix USA perishable warehouse is a state-of-the-art facility that handles perishable goods such as seafood, flowers, produce, and pharma from all across the globe passing through air carriers, ocean, and land both in and out of the country.

Recently, Lynxs turned to passive investment opportunities using our extensive friends, family and institutional investor network to bring capital to real estate and non-real estate investment opportunities. An additional focus in the coming years will be to increase the importance of this area of our business portfolio.